I have tried for many years to get more involved in the world around me.  I have always cared deeply for people and have always wanted to stand for something bold that would last longer than my scant years on this Earth.  I knew, rather early on, that I wasn’t going to be a mother.  I wasn’t going to have children to carry on my ideas, my dreams, my traditions.  I was going to have to build relationships with the people that wandered in and out of my life and hope that when the time came, they would remember me and speak of something I shared with them, taught them, inspired in them.  So for a very long time, I have known that to have any spiritual “staying power” I was going to have to take bold steps.  Steps I wasn’t really comfortable with for a long time because deep down I was constantly worried about people leaving me.


I’m from a rather traditional Catholic family.  Even with divorce and a very earthy feel, my family was still strict when it came to certain things.  My being gay was certainly not going to be something that they all reflected on and joined forces with me over.  In fact, to this very day I can be told that I am sick and even a touch satanic.  The fact that many people in my family have come around and now stand by me does fill me with some hope, but overall, you get to a point in your life where you realize that no matter how much you love the people you’re related to, sometimes the best family you have is the one you make.  The people you bond with, care for and let in when the rest of the world seems to only want to drag you down and leave you for dead.


I have been very lucky when it comes to THAT type of family.


And through their help in my healing and acceptance, I have actually been able to bond with some of my flesh and blood relatives in a more meaningful, honest way.  The gift that my “created” family had given lives on and only gets better with age.


So this all brings me to this blog, a serious attempt at sharing my ideas with the world which I realize may only be a handful of people.  It still matters.  You still matter and I thank you for taking the time to read whatever you have read.  It registers with me that my existence can find even more and better ways of spreading it’s wings and taking in all that I have before me.  The ability to share that is priceless.


You see, I did lose some people because of who I am.  I lost them because they were red state folks, pure and simple.  They wanted me to deny all that I am and vote for Mitt Romney because they feel that our President is evil, dangerous, a liar and single handedly going to dismantle all that America is and stands for.  They really, truly mean all of that and when they found out that their North East dwelling, incredibly gay, totally non-religious friend was going to vote for who SHE thought was best for our country, including her own little slice of life, well, they rebelled and decided I was unfit to be their friend any longer.  I had about 3 minutes of sadness and dread regarding this.


And then I got over it.


I am not a typical Democrat; actually for the most part I’ve considered myself a Libertarian.  I believe in a lot of freedom for my fellow citizens, a lot of opportunity to do what you want with your life provided you don’t stand in the way of someone else doing what they want.  But as I see this world turn ever more greedy and selfish, and maybe it’s always been this way and I’m just starting to see it for myself, I can’t sit and watch the country I love, the people I love point fingers and fill pockets and not help, not care for and reach out to provide for those who have found themselves incapable.


Some people are scam artists.  Some take advantage and there are even more who just lack the knowledge, the self respect, the concept of independence.  Sure, if you want to listen to Republicans and the like who go on and on about how this is a welfare state you can get good and riled up and carry that anger and sense of self importance to a place of pure agitation.


I am asking you to not act on those feelings.  Not right away, anyway.  Some people really do just need a hand and they will be full functioning to the best of their personal ability.  And we need to stand up for them.  We need to believe in the human spirit, the American way and common decency.


This site is going to be geared towards show casing the truth.  It will be political.  It will be directed towards progressive, liberal, open minded individuals.  It will take the LGBTQ community and all other oppressed peoples into its arms and insist on fairness, equality and a purpose.


That purpose is to insure that no matter who comes and goes in our lives, our nation will always be there to stand by it’s citizens regardless of what income, what race, what orientation or sex you happen to be apart of.


Just imagine what we could do if we actually worked together.









2 responses to “About”

  1. umoc193 says :

    Welcome to the blogospehre. I note you have begun following mine. I began writing for much the same reasons, intending to try to insert truth into the discussion of whatever.

    We are opposites in many ways as I am a white heterosexual male senior citizen raised as a Presbyterian who now finds organized religion anathema to my world view. On the other hand I have many friends who regularly practice their faith, including a gay man who has been with his partner for nearly 35 years and is an ordained minister.

    What I believe is a shame is that, while I am a liberal Independent, I know of and know in my heart that there are many fine people on all ends of the political spectrum.

    One of the things I have learned from my 2 1/2 years writing my blog is that my entries have inspired little active coomentary on the posts themselves but simply expressing myself provides sanctuary against all the crazy lies out there.

    It is nice to find someone who is pretty like-minded but quite different in many respects. Your point of view comes from a different place than mine and I suppose we will have opposing views from time to time. I welcome any comments you offer, and I will follow your blog and comment when I feel it is appropriate.

    Have fun!

    • civicresolve says :

      I sincerely appreciate your comment and look forward to chatting back and forth as the mood strikes. I find it comforting when people differ from me but can still relate and support, even if it’s in the most basic of manners. So thank you for reading, commenting and allowing me to do the same.

      Take care!

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