Turning the Page

Remember the debates from not so long ago?  Remember how Romney tried to challenge everything and demand his way?  The manner in which he treated Jim Lehrer could be accurately described as a “legitimate rape”.  He was rude and bossy and spoke to the President of the United States with such aggression that it left me dazed and afraid of what a Romney Presidency might look like.  Was it just a debate tactic or were we looking directly into the eye of the beast?  Was this the Mitt Romney that heads of other nations would face during times of crisis?

Of course, the Republicans thought it was outstanding.  What I thought showed a sign of emotional weakness and social ineptitude, they applauded as “no nonsense” and “confident”.  Then again, they also saw little to be concerned with over Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut”, so maybe a sane person should altogether STOP consulting what the right thinks.

Still, I was trying to suspend my own common sense to accommodate the slightly possible chance that this angry, easily frustrated and emotionally dented human being could be my commander in chief.  Unlike a lot of my friends on the right and even some of those on the left, I do stand behind my elected leader.  I might not stop fighting the good fight, but as an internal function and not out loud for the entire world to feed upon.

Fortunately for me, and for the rest of the world if I could be so frank with my assessment, Mitt Romney did not win the election and I have been able to retain as my president a man who I find not only intelligent and intellectual, but also compassionate, even tempered, fair and respectable.

And after hearing the excuses Mitt Romney has piled on top of his exhausting defeat, blaming the American people for being takers, victims, up-for-sale, gullible and down right stupid, I feel that not only was I right to see the sore loser and poor sport that he demonstrated himself to be during the debates, but I will even go so far as to say that this was the final nail in the political coffin for the Republican party we have been traumatized by since the Tea Baggers first popped up on the map.

The right needs a complete make over.  Perhaps, another batch of lies, conspiracy theories and the magic that is Fox News and the Drudge Report or if they want to get really crazy, they can even try to actually fix what is so desperately broken.  There is nothing wrong with the basic premise of the Republican Party.  Small government with a lot of focus on states rights is a fine alternative to what the left is show casing.  But if the right wing wants to be a party of true political reform it needs to seriously and with sincere intent decide to remove religion from its game plan, work hard to restore individual freedoms and protections and remove the government from our lives socially as much as the current party wants to remove it financially.

Either way, I hope for the sake of this nation that the Republicans find a way to get back on track.  No matter how much I wanted Obama to win this time around, I don’t dare want us to go to a political landscape where there are only donkeys wandering on the plain.


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